Plan Features




Guaranteed Issue
Acceptance of your employees is guaranteed.

No Coordination of Benefits
Plans pay in addition to any other coverage that the employee may have and benefits can be paid directly to the insured or the provider.
(Subject to plan design)

Fully Insured
Medical Benefits are fully insured. In addition, ALTA qualifies under ERISA and complies with Section 125 (cafeteria) and COBRA.

Maternity Benefit
Maternity is covered as any other illness.

Universal Rates
Composite rates available regardless of demographics, industry or location.

Assignment of Benefits
Benefits for doctors' office visits and in patient hospital stays can be assigned to the provider or paid directly to the insured.

Easy to Understand and Use
ALTA plan designs clearly outline the benefits payable for services rendered. Flexibility and simplicity is the key to customer satisfaction.

Friendly, Convenient Customer Service
Dedicated Account Customer Service Representatives are available to assist in benefit enrollment, finding network providers, and helping solve claim issues. In addition, Spanish-speaking customer service representatives are available.

Access to National PPO Network
While the insured can go to the provider of their choice, a national preferred provider network is included that offers discounted services. Locating a provider is quick and simple.


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