The ALTA Limited Medical program was designed for those employees that cannot afford current major medical group insurance plans or do not have access to those programs that are typically reserved for certain segments of the workforce.

Salaried, hourly, part-time, entry-level and non-benefit eligible employees represent a large percentage of those American workers that are without health coverage today. In fact, 42 million Americans are not covered by private or public health insurance, 42% of small employers are unable to offer coverage to their employees and of employers offering coverage, 51% do not extend health coverage to their part-time employees. Combined with today’s competitive marketplace, management and human resource personnel are faced with the ever-increasing problem of high turnover rates, recruiting, hiring and training of new employees.

Today, employer groups can choose from a series of flexible plan designs. Doctors’ visits, prescription drugs, wellness, accidental injury, inpatient hospital stays and dedicated toll free customer service are just some of the numerous benefits covered by ALTA. Employer groups will also have access to online tools via the ALTA web site that will enable them to determine cost savings associated with various plan design options and resources that members can utilize to make knowledgeable healthcare decisions


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